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Digital & Strategic Designer

I am a digital and strategic designer. I work in the complete project's process,  from strategy to the final visual design of the product.

I have experience in branding and digital products keeping the global vision of the project, from the concept and user needs to the final visual design.

I like to develop impactful projects based on the concept, narrative strategy and design of a unique visual language and utilising my skills in concepting, content strategy and design to exceed client expectations.


Asking the right questions is always the best way to find the right direction. I work from the strategy and user centered innovation to the final visual design keeping the global vision of the project, knowing the users needs and creating the best product for them.

I have devised strategies for video games, mobile games and digital platforms for learning taking part in the creation of the storytellings, prototyping all the navigation flows, drawing up the UX interaction and creating the visual design of the products. In addition, I have experience managing small digital design teams.


Strategy and Digital Product Design
Projects Management
Brand Strategy
Advertasing and Public Relations
Design Thinking
Audiovisual Narrative
Editorial Design

+34 695 310 053

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